Thursday, December 15, 2011

How do I re-activate a game on steam without knowing the original username/password?

I'm trying to transfer a copy of a Steam game from one PC to another. I have the original disc and product key, but since the product was previously activated on another PC it brings up a duplicate key error when I try to activate it online on this PC.

I can't use the original username/password from when it was first installed as I don't know them, and I can't use the forgotten password reminder as I don't have access to the email account that it is linked to (It was several years ago, and it was an old hotmail account).

How to I go about re-registering/activating the game to a new user account on a new PC?|||You can't. Also there is no way that I know to re-activate a game anyway. The only way you can play with that copy of the game is if you can enter that old account.

You can try contacting Steam Support.

Can't remember original password?

having given all other info originally,I went to login but could not be acomplished password invalid. went to get new password isince i could not login duemto forgotten password blocked by thevvery problem that had not let me login ///|||I don't understand the last part of your question?? Either way, you should be able to email them and explain your problem. You can get help that way.

I am told to change original email/password/username when I am trying to get on a free singles site, why???

Everytime I try to get on a free singles site, I am told that I need to change one of the following in some way: MY ORIGINAL eMail/password or userword, and I want to know why? I won't change it for ANYONE! They are mine and mine ALONE! Yes, I would like to be able to chat with someone BUT not have to change MY ORIGINALS.|||"You" must comply .........Try

You know of another ? E-mail me Please|||Wow. Are you so passionate about everything else in your life?|||what does that has to do with dating ?

Does anyone know how to reset the security password for the PSP?

The original password is not available.|||don't know sorry|||Why answer if you dont know?

You must perform a full system reset. Its in the system settings on the left.

What is password to reset nokia xpress music 5130-c to its original factory settings...?

If you are locked out because of a password try 12345 - it normally bypasses the passwords on nokia phones. If you want to reset it to factory settings there will be a button for that under the phone settings in the menu.|||12345 is the default Security/lock password for any nokia mobile.

How can I change my Welcome page back to the original Yahoo sign in page w/name & password?

I don't want to have anyone to get right to my Welcome page and click on Mail to read.|||Change your home page, Internet tools..

Erase your cookies and do not save the password in cookie any more.

Retrieve Yahoo email password instead of resetting it?

Ok so I forgot my password and I went through the retrieval process and answered everything correctly. I was then prompted to make a new password but I want to know what my original password is. Is this at all possible, have you ever done this successfully?|||You can recover your password through the password recovery page but you must know the security question and essential details of your account which you enter during the time of registration.

Go here for password recovery help:

Provide the following information that you created when first opening your account:

1. Y! ID

2. ZIP Code (for non-U.S. users, please state the name of your country)

3. Birth date

4. Alternate (non-Y! ) email address

5. Current password question and secret answer.

Without any of the above information, you won't be able to retrieve your password.

Hope this helps.|||Click on the

'Forget your 'ID' or password?' link

at the yahoo sign in page

or a similar link in the sign-in page of the mail service you use.

This will send your password to your alternate E-mail account.